El Chepe train resumes partial runs, But only from the Chihuahua side


Only board in destinations and routes from Chihuahua to Divisadero and back from Creel to Chihuahua

The Chepe railroad partially resumes its runs, but only in the destinations and routes from Chihuahua to Divisadero and back from Creel to Chihuahua, these will remain that way until August 15.

For the resumption of runs from Los Mochis, there is still no precise date to leave, because the weather conditions continue to be adverse, said the company’s telephone operators.

“Welcome to the El Chepe railway service line.”

I would like to know if there are already bullfights by Chepe?

“Only from Chihuahua to Divisadero and back from Creel to Chihuahua.”

Don’t you know when there will be even Mochis?

“No, we would not have a specific date to provide it, the routes would remain in this way until August 15, there would not be, at the moment, a reopening date.”  

Dear passengers:

As a result of the extraordinary rains and the landslides generated by them in recent days, the decision has been made not to run the train in the areas affected by landslides until further notice.

For what we have decided while the contingency lasts, to provide them with the service in a safe area with the temporary route to the Barrancas via Chihuahua.

From Saturday 24 to Sunday 15 August, we will be running the Chepe Express and Chepe Regional train with the following frequencies:

Whoever already has a ticket for those dates on the route Creel – Los Mochis or vs, may use this service at no additional cost and will not have the right to a refund. (Please contact us at 800 122 43 73 to issue your new ticket)

Whoever is interested in traveling in the next few days on said route and does not yet have a ticket, can buy their ticket through our Call Center: 800 122 43 73

In case you travel on those dates and want to request a refund, you will receive 100% of the value of your train ticket.

To be informed follow us on our FB social networks @chepeexpress and visit chepe.mx or call us at 800 122 4373

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