Sinaloa team achieves passport to Bisbee’s East Cape 2021


The team, made up mostly of fishermen from Culiacan and reinforced by two Mazatlan, wins the Altata Offshore Tournament 

Another resounding victory was achieved by Maja-Suite 16, a team made up mostly of fishermen from Culiacan and reinforced by two Mazatlecos, which won the 2021 edition of the Altata Offshore Tournament (Navolato).

Maja, whose some of its members took the Copa Gobernador-Puro Sinaloa in Mazatlán last February, now associated with Suite 16, with which they captured the championship in the traditional sportfishing tournament organized by Alejandro ‘Teko’ Esquerra and Christian Lares.

Bad company, second occupant.

For its championship, consummated thanks to the releases of two ‘weevils’ ( sailfish ), Maja-Suite received as a prize a Tiagra reel and the entry to one of the three jousts of the Bisbee’s platform (the East Cape), which will be held from August 3 to 7 from the Buenavista hotel, in Los Barriles (Baja California Sur ).

The team also achieved two pollas (or jack pots ) that made the victory of the renowned fishermen a real delight, among which were the Mazatlecos Daniel ‘Pito’ Teno and Alejandro ‘Gallo’ García, who alternated the helm with the sailor’s task.

The second position was occupied by Bad Company, also from Culiacan roots and which had as one of its elements Juan Acereto, tireless promoter of sport fishing from Sinaloa, organizer of the first -and only so far- Mazatlán 2009 Big Game Trolling World Championship and former president of the Association of the specialty in Sinaloa.

Maja, champion of the 2021 edition. Photo: courtesy

The Bad Company line-up of Antonio Santos Cantor, an outstanding sailor from Huatulco (Oaxaca), who contributed trade to his task to consummate the worthy runner-up, stands out. The team was headed by Eustaquio de Nicolás Gutiérrez.

Third place was Mr. Wilson, whose most visible member was Efraín Sepúlveda from Culiacan, another hard-working and enthusiastic promoter of sport fishing and who did not want to stay with the desire to attend.

Lucky raffle winner

Leobardo Angulo, a member of Bad Company, was the graceful winner of a Shimano Tiagra 50 reel, with Terez rod, donated by the State Government’s Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture through the Sport Fishing Directorate through a raffle at the end of the competition. The person in charge of the area, Juan Manuel Moreno Padilla, delivered.

Leobardo Angulo, winner of a Shimano Tiagra 50 reel, with Terez rod, donated by the Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

In the same framework, a posthumous tribute was paid to Culiacan fisherman Miguel ‘Miky’ Martínez, who died last November and whose legacy in favor of sport fishing could not go unnoticed by the organizers.

The family of the deceased was presented with a plaque of recognition signed by Alejandro Jayme Esquera and Javier Montaño as a member of the organizing committee of the tournament and director of the Marina Club & Yates Isla Cortés, respectively.


Maja-Suite 16 (first place)

1) José Ignacio by Nicolas Machado

2) José Ignacio de Nicolás Gutiérrez

3) Alberto Conde Castañeda

4) Juan Fernando Patiño

5) Francisco Villaburu 

6) Miguel Sandoval

7) Omar Izabal

8) Guillermo Barraza

9) Alejandro García (captain and sailor)

10) Daniel Teno (captain and sailor)

Bad Company (second place)

1) Eustaquio by Nicolás Gutiérrez

2) Leobardo Angulo Batiz

3) Rubén Barraza

4) Juan Acereto

5) Francisco López

6) Antonio Santos Cantor (sailor)

Mr Wilson took third place.
Posthumous recognition to the Culiacan fisherman, Miguel ‘Miky’ Martínez.
Tribute to the outstanding Culiacan fisherman, Miguel ‘Miky’ Martínez. 


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