Colima-Villa de Álvarez integrated public transport system under construction


Mexican authorities have set an investment schedule for a 938mn-peso (US$47mn) plan to build the Colima-Villa de Álvarez integrated public transport system (SIT) in Colima state.

The project involves constructing a 46km bus corridor around the metropolitan areas of Villa de Álvarez and state capital Colima, according to the finance ministry’s (SHCP) investment portfolio.

The route runs along Tecnológico, Benito Juárez, 20 de noviembre and Niños Heroes avenues. 

The corridor will involve have 131 stops, and the project also includes the acquisition of land for three shops and bus depots and 30 modern buses powered by diesel and natural gas. 

The idea is to conclude the route by the end of next year and have private concessionaires operate it for 30 years, Colima mobility ministry Semov said in the cost-benefit analysis. 

Tender plans have not yet been announced but the plan stipulates that funds should start being allocated this month.

Some 380mn pesos from federal, state and private funds will be allocated this year, while the rest is due to be assigned in 2022. 

Infrastructure fund Fonadin and Colima state will cover 18.4% and 26.3% of the cost, respectively, while the private sector is due to contribute the rest.

In January 2018, Semov received 6.5mn pesos to begin a series of studies for the project. 

The studies were completed and can be seen in SHCP’s investment portfolio. They include the cost-benefit analysis and the economic, legal, environmental and technical feasibility studies.

Source: BN Americas

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