Aguascalientes missing family was murdered in Zacatecas


The bodies found in the Julián Adame dam, in the Tayahua community in Villanueva, Zacatecas on Tuesday, July 6, correspond to a family from Aguascalientes that had been reported missing, reported journalist Lucía Medina.

“After conducting genetic profiling studies, it was determined that the missing family in Aguascalientes corresponds to the three bodies located in the entity, which were reported as missing by the Aguascalientes state authorities,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

They were Andrés, 41 years old; Janeth, 33, and her son, Leonel, just 3 years old, who according to Aguascalientes media were on their way to Hidalgo to spend the summer vacation there, but their relatives, not knowing about them, reported their disappearance, which finally had a tragic outcome.

Source: Animal Politico

Aguascalientes Daily Post