Hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya offer accommodation to tourists infected with COVID 1,300 guests have tested positive


Hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo, for this summer season, have enabled special rooms for those tourists who are infected with COVID-19 while vacationing.

“By protocol, all hotels pay attention to suspicious and positive cases of Covid, and it is an obligation for all establishments, once a suspicious case or a positive case is identified, to isolate it within the hotel or in facilities that the hotel has designated for these purposes “.

Marisol Venegas Pérez, Secretary of Tourism Quintana Roo

The protocol consists of providing rooms and facilities so that tourists are comfortable during a possible quarantine and this will not represent an additional expense.

“70% of the hotels have it included in their services and this period has no additional cost, both the application of antigen tests for the identification of cases, and quarantine.”

Marisol Venegas Pérez, Secretary of Tourism Quintana Roo

According to the authorities’ report, an average of 20 thousand COVID tests are carried out daily in the state to tourists who will return to their place of origin.

“Less than 1% of these tourists have tested positive, none have had the need for an intubation or hospitalization scheme, and in some cases, a few hotels do make use of what the State Secretariat of Tourism has been able to provide, such as possibility of alternative hotels when there is a need to quarantine them ”.

Carlos Joaquín González, Governor of Quintana Roo

However, some tourists are unaware of the care protocols in these cases.

“There I do see them strict, I see all the people who enter that they do require the use of mouth covers.”  

Georgina Cerón Rodríguez, tourist from Morelos

The average hotel occupancy for the week is around 67 percent and at the beginning of this week, the presence of 141 thousand 83 tourists visiting the attractions of Quintana Roo was counted.

Some establishments have come to fully specialize in the reception and care of patients who are sent from other hotels.

When the tourist does not want to pay the rates for their isolation and decides to leave their hotel, they inform the health authorities, because they cannot be detained, explained Roberto Cintrón.

He denounced that some guests who have tested positive and do not isolate themselves, resort to rental spaces such as Airbnb, which become a source of contagion, for which he urged the authorities to regulate the digital platforms that offer accommodation. He also accused that the lack of effective filters at the Cancun International Airport contributes to the arrival of a lot of tourism with symptoms.

So far this year, 1,300 guests have tested positive for Covid, said Alejandra Aguirre, Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo.

Faced with the question of maintaining the orange traffic light despite the wave of infections, the Secretary of Health explained that the state traffic light is governed by various parameters that include not only the daily increase in cases but the speed of contagion, hotel occupancy, and the level of hospital occupancy.

He assured that the entity has not gone back to a red traffic light, because except for the level of infections, the rest of the parameters have remained stable.

Employees of hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya have denounced the outbreaks of Covid in hotels since many of them have been infected and their families by the neglect in the protocols.

Groups of students from Argentina, Bolivia, Puebla, Durango, and Mexico City who traveled to Cancun to celebrate their graduations, returned to their places of origin infected with Covid-19.

In the case of the Puebla students, who stayed at the Grand Park Royal hotel in Cancun, an employee denounced that the young people were the ones who did not respect the sanitary measures and that this was the cause of them acquiring the virus.


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