Alert in Mazatlan: COVID and Dengue are increasing


Faced with the holiday season, authorities in Mazatlán, Sinaloa alerted citizens to the increase in the last few days of confirmed cases of COVID-19 as well as to the presence of an increase in Dengue in the port in the middle of the holiday season, for which they invited to take precautions. 

Andrés Sidharta Hindú Pérez, head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, revealed this morning that, at the moment, the ovitraps installed in the city indicated an increase in vector eggs.

Brenda Ruiz, in charge of monitoring these ovitrap networks, confirmed the information. 

At the moment 17 cases of Dengue have been confirmed in the state, while 7 only in that port. 

This figure has been attributed to the increase in humidity and present rainfall.

In addition, together with the increase in cases, authorities of the Ministry of Health indicated an increase in terms of COVID-19 infections as a result of the high influx of vacationers in the region. 

At the moment, they report 382 active Sars-CoV 2 cases. 

It is unknown how many cases with the Delta variant would be active. 

Dozens of tourists from entities such as Durango and Coahuila have been confirmed as positive for the virus after going to vacation in the region. 

Unstoppable the Covid in Sinaloa, has 3 thousand 729 active cases and 671 new

In addition, the number of deceased people increased compared to previous days, registering 18 in a day


The Mazatlan Post