Mexican territory controlled by criminal organizations ranges between 20 and 80 percent


Javier Amieva: Sophisticated gangs make Mexico the most corrupt nation in America

Before the elections and after hundreds of attacks on candidates of the contending political parties, the balance was 38 assassinations of candidates. Given this, the President of Mexico “has called the Unit and has decided to deal with all those crimes and murders as behaviors “that always occur in times of elections”, but the reality is that the rapid disintegration of the security apparatus can be understood in the context of the system of seats that have defined for a long time its panorama of organized crime, now in political control of many regions of the country.

Estimates of the percentage of Mexican territory controlled by criminal organizations range between 20 and 80 percent. Such is the prism through which the 2021 United States (EU) migration crisis must be viewed.

“The complex Mexican transnational criminal organizations that today traffic in everything from deadly opioids to advanced weapons to Central American migrants have penetrated the economy and peace of the Mexican province.

Newspapers from around the world including El País with a presence in Mexico, The Hill, and others of great reputation publish in editorials their position as a country before the United States and the world, including the rapid legalization that Ricardo Monreal, an unconditional senator of Andrés Manuel López, coordinated. Obrador (AMLO), a policy that has been endorsed by the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico.

The cartelized Mexican transportation organizations of the 1980s became known as the “Mexican springboard,” propelling the multi-billion dollar cocaine industry from South America to the US. With the recent waves of Central American migrants northward, the same organizations have become the Mexican bridge. As with cocaine, Mexico’s vast and complex transnational criminal organizations are not involved in the supply of migrants heading north, only in their transport.

On Friday the 9th, AMLO ignored a video that showed one of his younger brothers receiving cash from a political operator and said that it was part of a “smear campaign by opponents to discredit him”; however, it is publicly known that during his 18 years of campaigning he made promises and reached agreements with criminal groups in order to become president; However, that does not seem to bother his followers much, who in large part receive money from the federal government and prefer that things remain that way, especially when the president himself has declared on multiple occasions that the other political parties “what they want is to take away their you help and they don’t want them to progress ”.

In a video, in which a brother of the president takes money from the political operation, the second irrefutable filmed testimony, provoked new criticism of AMLO by the Mexican opposition.

The video was published by the Mexican media Latinus, a recording apparently made in 2015 shows a man who later became part of the AMLO administration handing Martín Jesús López Obrador an envelope full of bills.

“I think the intention is to harm me or to try to harm me,” the president told a news conference. “It is the eternal black campaign of my adversaries. We are used to this. But we have always come out unscathed from slander. ” He said that he would not cover up for anyone and that the authorities should investigate whether any crime had been committed and punish any wrongdoing. “But my conscience is clear,” added AMLO.

“The Mexican government is the most corrupt in the Western Hemisphere, and its criminal organizations provide hostile foreign states like China with the easy access to the United States that the same organizations provided to Colombian drug cartels.

The U.S. diplomatic approach to Mexico over the past 30 years, through administrations affiliated with both parties, has been largely transactional, overlooking Mexico’s systemic corruption, lack of transparency and perpetual ineffectiveness, and such. Once intentional, in the surveillance of its borders to the north and south of the country.

It is time for the US to demand that Mexico regain control of its own territory from criminal organizations, cut China’s supply lines for fentanyl and pseudoephedrine, and engage in the same bilateral cooperation with US law enforcement that would be expected from any other ally.

If Mexico does not, then it is time to end the farce that Mexico is an ally against drugs.

Javier AmievaJavier Amieva

Law Degree, Specialist in Foreign Trade Logistics and Immigration Affairs in the USA.

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