50 foreign tourists were hospitalized for COVID in Cancun


The tourists are hospitalized in the General Hospital of Cancun, where the director predicts that infections will increase during the holidays.

The director of the General Hospital of Cancun, Aurelio Espinoza Rojas, estimates that 50 tourists were hospitalized by Covid after their medical expenses insurance covered the entire policy in private hospitals.

The director said that among those infected, there is a Russian woman, who is expected to be discharged next week, as well as two Brazilians who are still convalescing with the virus.

In Cancun, there has been an increase in infections, Espinoza Rojas believes that this is due to the relaxation of the health measures that have been taken in the citizenship.

He added that although foreigners come to vacation with medical expenses insurance, Covid-19 is a very expensive disease, so when the expense policy ends, they have to be transferred to the General Hospital.

For patients who have been admitted to the hospital, it should be noted that some had already been vaccinated with the first dose.

Aurelio Espinoza, added for an interview with the local media PorEsto, that it is possible that for the month of August infections will increase due to the summer holidays and the relaxation of sanitary measures.

Source: poresto.net

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