CdMx Cablebús inaugurated! Memes hit social networks to receive it


The new Mexico City service comes among a great expectation to improve transport security, as well as optimize times.

The long-awaited Cablebus in Mexico City is finally up and running. On Sunday, July 11, the government of the entity inaugurated the transport work, and the memes did not take long to arrive, which already suppose how the operation will develop in the long term.

The new public transport, Cablebús line 1, will go from Indios Verdes to Cuatepec, in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office and will have a total route of 9.2 kilometers;  It will have a total of 377 cabins, to transport 10 people in an average time of 33 minutes through six stations in the north of the City:  Cuautepec, Campos Revolución, Tlalpexco, La Pastora, Ticomán and Indios Verdes.

The trip has a price of seven pesos, regardless of the section traveled and access will only be through the Integrated Mobility card, which you can purchase for 22 pesos and recharge at all stations. 

People over 60 years old, with disabilities, under 5 years old, part of the  Community Participation Commission or part of the  Network of Citizen Comptrollers, will travel for free in this service as long as they prove their situation.

Memes, to receive the Cablebús from Mexico City

As usual, memes began to emerge everywhere, and we set about selecting the best ones for you. So sit back for a good laugh and share these images with your friends, new Cablebus users.

Photos of the Cablebús in rush hour

Oh no…

Faster than transferring to Pantitlán at 8 at night, yes it is

Well, in a flying saucer it’s faster than in a combi

What rare Pokémon are in Cerro del Chiquihuite?

“It’s today, it’s today!”

There are hardly any more romantic people left …

Everything is to get to work early

The mood of many the first time they go

The only thing missing is the prepared pork rinds and the chitos

Is this the future?

Well it’s not so bad to share

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