AMLO announces the creation of “Gas Bienestar” to offer fair LP Gas prices


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported on Wednesday, July 7th, that given the high prices of LP gas, he decided to create a company -Gas Bienestar- to distribute gas at a fair price, without private companies ceasing to participate.

In his morning conference, President López Obrador explained that the measure responds to the fact that he has failed to fulfill his commitment so that LP gas prices do not increase.

The president assured that five large distribution companies are getting very high profit margins and that together they distribute almost 50% of the LP gas in the country. He said that with the creation of the company, which will be established in three months, “it is not going to increase the gas price beyond inflation.”

We are preparing the creation of a company to distribute gas at a fair price. "Gas Bienestar" is going to be called and cylinders of 20 and 30 kilos are going to be sold, "he said from the National Palace.

However, he guaranteed that private companies will continue with their participation in the market, to encourage competition.

Similarly, the president warned that a mechanism will soon be established to establish maximum prices and that the measures will begin in Mexico City, where prices have soared the most.

“While a maximum price mechanism is established, the creation of a company to distribute gas at a fair price, Gas Bienestar, is being prepared and gas cylinders will be sold at low prices, without private companies ceasing to participate, but there will be a fair competition “, assured López Obrador in his morning conference.

Source: El Economista

Mexico Daily Post