The Vallarta Azteca Folkloric Group will travel to Russia


The Vallarta Azteca folkloric dance group will be going to Russia for World Folkloriada 2021, an event organized by the International Council of Organizations of Folk Festivals (CIOFF) and supported by the United Nations Organization for Education and Science and Culture (UNESCO), that’s set to take place July 3-10.

The Republic of Bashkortostan will host this event, which will welcome more than 2,500 participants, including dancers, musicians and artisans from more than 60 countries.

The Vallarta Azteca Folkloric Group, directed by Juan Antonio Salcedo Padilla, who is a member of CIOFF Mexico, will represent not only Puerto Vallarta but also Mexico, as they present a special program of dances from the states of Hidalgo, Nayarit and Jalisco, accompanied by Mariachi music.

“I am so proud that my group is the representative of both our city and our country in this event that will take place in Russia. Our group is made up of 37 talented people, including musicians, dancers and directors from Puerto Vallarta,” Salcedo said.

“It is with great pride that our group has been chosen to represent Mexico, because the selection process is rigorous. In addition to skill and talent, they take into account the preparation, enthusiasm and characteristics of the group, and on this occasion they recognized all of these qualities in the young people of Puerto Vallarta,” he added.

Salcedo stressed that the preparation is comprehensive since the members of the group are students who, in addition to having a good grade average must exemplify good behavior to be selected as part of the group that travels to represent Mexico.

Ufa, capital of Bashkortostan, Russia, is the city where the inauguration will take place, on Saturday, July 3, with the parade of the delegations and an artistic presentation from all continents. The festival performances are scheduled to take place over 8 days in 35 municipalities of Bashkortostan.

The first World Folkloriada was held in Netherlands in 1996. After that, Japan, Hungary, China, Republic of Korea and Mexico were the organizers of this event.

You can learn more about World Folkloriada 2021 by visiting their website, and by following Folkloriada2021 on Facebook.

During the event, updates will be posted regularly on the Vallarta Azteca Facebook page, so families, friends and fans can follow the event closely.

Source: Vallarta Opina

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