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The number of single dads increased by 15% in Mexico

In 2020, 93.5 percent of the parents in Mexico identified in the home are married or in a common-law union, 5.9 percent declared having been united at some time, but are currently separated, divorced or widowed; while only 0.5 percent are single parents.

As for the number of single parents in Mexico, it increased by 15 percent compared to 2016, according to the figures from the Population and Housing Census of last year, indicating that there are 993,935 men who say they take full charge of their sons or daughters.

In Mexico, according to the results of the census carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), 21.2 million men aged 15 and over-identify themselves as parents of at least one daughter or son who resides in the same home.

These fathers represent 46.9 percent of the male population in this age range (45.3 million) and their average age is 45 years. 

Among men aged 40 to 49, about 7 out of 10 are identified as the parents of a resident of the same home (68.9 percent). 

Reproductive age

In homes in Mexico where adult males of productive ages (30 to 59 years) reside, they are more frequently identified as fathers; but among older adult men the frequency decreases (50.6 percent).

Of them, 97.4 percent were employed in some economic activity, while 2.3 percent had looked for a job.
A total of 2.7 million (12.8 percent) were without economic participation (Non-Economically Active Population, PNEA). Among them were retirees or pensioners (5.5 percent), parents engaged in domestic work (1.6 percent) and parents permanently disabled to work (2 percent).

According to figures from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, in October of last year, 14,983 working parents had been enrolled in the IMSS daycare programs.

Source: elvigia.net

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