Querétaro Country Club will host the Professional Golf Ranking (RPG)


Among the players to follow in this ninth stage to be played in El Campestre de Querétaro, Javier Valdéz, from Campestre de Querétaro stands out.

Next Monday will take place the ninth stage of the Professional Golf Ranking ( RPG ), which will be played at the Queretaro Country Club, it will be the second time that an RPG tournament is held in the state and again it will have a Spectacular field as headquarters, the presence of more than 60 players coming mainly from the Mexican Bajío is expected.

“The Professional Golf Ranking has grown a lot, not only in the number of participants but also in support of clubs and professionals. Almost halfway through the season in the Central Zone Ranking, we have great results and the best is surely coming, ”said Billy Carreto, a professional from Club La Loma, from San Luis Potosí, and one of those responsible for organizing the Raking. 

“We have had full support from the clubs, proof of this is that we visited the most important in Mexico, the Campestre de Querétaro is a field with a lot of tradition and without a doubt one of the most spectacular in the Central Zone, it will be a challenge for professionals ”, added Carreto.

Among the players to follow in this ninth stage to be played in El Campestre de Querétaro, Javier Valdéz, from Campestre de Querétaro, stands out, who will play at home and has many possibilities of adding the necessary points and leaving as leader of the Ranking. 

“I have been looking forward to this stage with great enthusiasm, I have done well in the Rankings and playing for my club will undoubtedly bring me good dividends. The field is not easy at all and being in the Campestre, with the support of my people and my students is an extra motivation ”, said Javier Valdéz, a professional from the Campestre de Querétaro, who has been the protagonist in various stages of the competition.

“We are very excited to see that the general ranking is very tight, we have done everything so that the club professionals can play and show that they have quality. I am sure that we are on the right track, but there is still much to do, ”said Carreto.

The professional from La Loma, thanked the support given by amateurs, professionals, but above all to the clubs. “The RPG exists thanks to the clubs that open their doors for us, there are even some that help us with the purse in tournaments, which is a fundamental part of the Ranking. Thank you all for your support and this only motivates us to stay ahead ”, concluded Billy.

Source: heraldodemexico.com.mx

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