Four Seasons: discover the hidden gems of CDMX


One of the largest cities in the world, such as Mexico City, always features new attractions to discover and new ways to enjoy them.

Four Seasons Mexico City offers, precisely, an alternative in this regard, yes, very much in its style, loaded with luxury and comfort, so that travelers who stay or visit the hotel, can get to know different destinations in and around the nation’s capital.

This work is possible thanks to the concierge team – most of them members of the Les Clefs d’Or association -, led by Agnes Ignacio, Chief Concierge, who, with more than two decades of expertise, has curated a list of experiences that lead guests to discover various hidden gems of CDMX.

Agnes not only serves as a guide but as a company that leads tourists by the hand through these iconic places that speak of the history, origins, and relevance of the Mexican capital to the world.

A city is also its flavors, the dishes that are prepared daily, and that give it a unique character. To know it in this way, it is necessary to be shoulder to shoulder with the experts. In this case, they are the chefs of Casa Jacaranda, a beautiful space in the Roma neighborhood that transmits to its guests the passion for Mexican gastronomy, teaching them delicious recipes, the history of the neighborhood, going to the Medellín market for various ingredients and creating an atmosphere of tranquility and camaraderie while enjoying incredible culinary options with a good Caballito de mezcal.

To access these unique experiences, guests and visitors can easily request them through the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City concierge service at number 55 5230-1818 and at


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