Participate in the Astri Huatulco GMC 2021 Triathlon


For the Triathlon World Cup, the participation of triathletes from 42 countries is expected

A high cost represents participating in the Astri Huatulco GMC 2021 Triathlon that the State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (Include), which directs Montserrat Aragón Heinze, endorses and promotes since the registrations are above one thousand and two thousand pesos; by the way, hundreds of athletes are expected at the fair this weekend.

Registration costs range from 1,370 pesos (sprint duathlon) to 2,290 (individual Olympic sprint triathlon) for those who register for individual events between April 17 and June 10.

For those who cheer up at the last minute and register one day before the event (this Friday the 11th) they will have to pay for registration in the cheapest test, 1,640 and for the individual Olympic sprint, 2,750 pesos, to do so. be able to compete on Saturday 12.

In addition to this, all athletes who wish to participate will not be able to do so without first having also paid their membership – if they still do not have it – and the cost of the basic membership is 395 pesos, for silver 695 pesos and for gold. , 995 pesos.

When you join, you have the right to a shirt and the hologram to validate your credential; A 10 percent discount is also acquired for Innovasport throughout the year, since the validity is December 31, and medical insurance with respective regulations.

But that’s not all, to participate, according to health security measures, all competitors must present a negative COVID-19 test.

“Before registration, there will be a module for Rapid Covid-19 (Antigen) Tests where they can do this test and deliver the result right there so that you can pick up your competitor’s package. The service, carried out by a laboratory endorsed by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), will cost 440 pesos ”, also indicates the official registration page.


But to compete in this traditional competition in Huatulco, triathletes must also pay for lodging, transportation and food.

We consulted a group of participants and they mentioned that in the area of ​​accommodation they will pay between 500 and a thousand pesos per night in a “cheap” hotel,

While for transportation, traveling from the city of Oaxaca they will disburse 1,400 pesos per person, in a round trip, by bus; But there are those who will travel by plane from Mexico City and the costs go up considerably.

Also in their expenses they must include a minimum of 500 pesos for each meal, of course, without doing it in restaurants.

In this way, an athlete who comes with a very limited outlay, would be allocating at least a figure of just over 6 thousand pesos.

Oaxaqueños, with sponsorship only

“It is one of the most attractive events, but my participation would not be possible without the support I have received from OaxSport for part of all the expenses that competing in the Huatulco triathlon represents,” Rafael Vázquez Fierro commented in a brief interview.

“In addition, the equipment used is also expensive, the bicycle, for example, I rented it, because it must have certain specifications. And we do everything just for the love of the sport, ”added Vázquez Fierro, who will participate in the sprint duathlon event.

For now, everything is practically ready so that this weekend the general director of Include, Montserrat Aragón Heinze, will appear in the official social networks in the images of the event that endorses and promotes through the institute itself, accompanied by other authorities.

Take note

The World Cup “will give valuable points for triathletes aspiring to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. And it will be qualifying for the 2022 Sprint and Olympic World Championships ”, informed Incude.

Regarding the economic spill, surely one of the main and greatest beneficiaries is the organizing committee before the registration fees and other services that it charges.


Astri Huatulco Triathlon 2021


Olympic Sprint (Individual) $ 1,830.00 $ 2,290.00 $ 2. 750.00

Sprint / Olympic Relay (cost per team) $ 2,690.00 $ 3,370.00 $ 4,050.00

Aqua Run Sprint and Olympic $ 1,640.00 $ 1,640.00 $ 1,640.00

Sprint Duathlon $ 1,100.00 $ 1,370.00 $ 1,640.00


Date: Friday, June 11, 2021.

Place: Parque Santa Cruz, Huatulco, Oaxaca.

Hours: It will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., but due to the COVID-19 contingency, there will be specific package delivery hours and capacity will be limited to hours by categories, which can be consulted in the Athlete’s Guide .

two days

It will be the days of competition, on June 12 the Astri Huatulco Triathlon will be held and on Sunday 13 the Triathlon World Cup will be held


Pesos, the minimum cost of membership payment that is mandatory and that is an extra payment to the registration


Pesos is charged by the organizing committee for taking the COVID-19 test, which is also mandatory to present in order to compete

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