I am left-wing and young. Why am I not going to vote for Morena


It is no surprise that next Sunday, June 6, will be the largest elections in the history of Mexico, elections that have been atypical, violent, complex and have made a lot of noise on the national scene; But the vote is still a right and a citizen obligation, but first of all the vote is free and secret. For this reason, throughout this brief text, I will expose the reasons for my decision not to vote for Morena, even though I am on the left.

Before starting the list of reasons, I want to write a short disclaimer.

  • My economic, ethical, moral, and political ideals are a compilation of personal experiences, it is the representation of my own personal construction, which is unique; so it is not only normal not to match, it is natural.

Everything has already been explained, now, the list:

  1. The terrible handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Failure to listen to the experts, romanticizing López-Gatell, lying with the figures, overlapping the president for telling people not to take care of themselves, negligence in the national institutes, and delegating WITHOUT RESOURCES to state authorities, caused more than 200 thousand official deaths that were absolutely preventable.

  1. The ‘neoliberal austerity’.

Seeking an “austerity budget, instead of looking for the most effective and efficient way to use that money in the less favored areas and people. There is no budget for children’s instances, social programs, but there is to cancel an airport and start another, make the Mayan Train, and not only buy a refinery but buy one that has more than 900 million dollars of debt.

  1. The abandonment of the feminist agenda by the president and by the party that defended tooth and nail candidates with active denunciations of gender violence.

They disparaged the women, their movement and branded them as “conservative” and who wanted to sabotage the raffle for the presidential plane, due to the 8M demonstrations. Pathetic, with no capacity for empathy and nailing only his own grave. Without forgetting the instances of repression by the police (the very State that it swore to defend) that feminist groups suffered in cities governed by Morena such as Cancún or CDMX.

  1. The militarization of the country.

It all started with a false campaign promise that was to “send the army to the barracks.” Then there was the creation/expansion of the National Guard. Now the army is in charge of the distribution of vaccines, the construction of the new airport and among other things that do not correspond to it. In addition to the new jurisdiction delivered as a public security law to the military. It became what he swore to destroy, in the continuation of military Calderonism.

  1. The alliance with the PES when there was no need for.

Maintain a party from the periphery, without political relevance and turn it into the fourth / fifth force in the country just because of the foolishness of having a certain victory, which was inevitable, it seems sick to me and bordering on despotic. The worrying thing here is that the PES is an ultra-right party, openly anti-LGBT + marriage and pro-life, where Morena preaches with the left flag.

  1. The fight for non-renewable energies and Pemex.

Responding to Pemex on the subject of unions I understand, but maintaining the least efficient company in modern Mexican history is a cancer and must have an immediate intervention and restructuring. In addition to the fact that they must take into account that renewable energies are the future and that Morena overlaps these decisions not to invest in clean energies, it is truly stupid.

  1. The centralization of power.

Wanting to take over the Congress of the Union, the Ministers of the Supreme Court, and Banxico at will and dispose of them in the style of the 70s is unacceptable, mainly because that history has already passed and we should not be condemned to repeat it.

  1. Treatment of migrants.

Stopping migrant caravans and exercising the rule of law is something very different from the treatment that people from Central and South America have had. The lack of respect for human rights, international treaties, and doing America’s “dirty work” in such a submissive and obedient way is very worrying.

These are just one of the most important points, which personally make me not want to vote for Morena. Not to mention that the economy is in a mess and I highly doubt that he is preparing an economic rescue or that he intends to do anything to remedy the problems. A very high unemployment rate, inflation like never before seen in the last 10 years, a reprehensible rating before the rating agencies, and discouraging foreign capital from coming to invest in Mexico.

Finally, we must not superimpose individual interests over general ones, we must seek the best option for the country, create and maintain real counterweights and respect the autonomy of the institutions.

You may not agree with me, you may see things differently, you may have political or financial commitments, you may vote for Morena, but you have to go out to vote. It is time to show your agreement or disagreement with the State, we must make ourselves listen, we must make ourselves see because without us they are nothing.

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