Mexico saturated in murders, kidnappings, and attacks, but AMLO says everything is OK


Despite the increase in violence, President López Obrador assured that the country is in peace and quiet within the framework of the electoral process on June 6.

After being questioned about municipalities where boxes could not be installed due to lack of security, the President insisted that there are no risks.

“Yes, look, we had even arranged to inform the public on that issue, but we decided not to do it because of the voters so as not to discuss the matter. I just to demonstrate to the people of Mexico and I do it as always, in a responsible way, that the country is at peace, “he said from the National Palace.

“There is governance, there are no risks of instability. We are facing the scourge of violence every day and we can speak of peace and tranquility throughout the country ».

López Obrador pointed out that his “adversaries” want to magnify the violence, but that is not the case.

«Where there is instability, there is confrontation, there is political violence, not in Mexico. That we have achieved together, “he said.

«And as much as they want to magnify, it does not obey reality. As the song of Pablo says: we do not live in a perfect society but there is peace and tranquility in the country ».

REFORMA published that political leaders and electoral advisers urged the federal government and the state and municipal authorities to guarantee security in the elections next Sunday.

In the worst crime spike since last September and in the midst of a campaign full of incidents, they called on the authorities to establish coordination tables to provide protection not only to candidates but also to citizens who will go to the polls.

Source: reforma

Mexico Daily Post