Xicotepec Pueblo Mágico: place of bumblebees


Reaching the Pueblo Magico of Xicotepec (Magical Town of Xicotepec) in Puebla will be very easy, just follow the road with the aroma of coffee that will take you to discover its historical charm and natural beauty surrounded by great mountains and forests. Escape for a weekend and forget about the routine in an ancestral space.

Known as the place of the bumblebees, Xicotepec is located in the northern highlands of the state of Puebla. Its name in Nahuatl means “hill of the bumblebees”, where the trade winds that blow during the summer and the marine currents that come from the Gulf of Mexico accompany you in your walk through the town.

Start the day enjoying a cup of coffee sitting at a coffee shop in the gates, while you observe its beautiful Main Plaza surrounded by beautiful giant trees with unique geometric shapes while listening to the history dating from 1862 where before the Battle of Puebla began, a group of Serranos led by Miguel Negrete attended this victorious joust in Mexico’s history.

Although history marks that Xicotepec had several name changes, with the arrival of the 20th century it achieved autonomy and in 1960 received the name of Xicotepec de Juarez.

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The history continues in La Parroquia de San Agustín Bautista (Saint Augustine the Baptist Parish Church), founded in 1571 by the Augustine monks, inside it, you can see catacombs of hundreds of residents who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its Gothic style is striking and makes you think you are looking at the famous Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame.

In Casa Carranza, you can find the museum that exhibits a large collection of photographs that tell the story of the last stage of life of General Venustiano Carranza: the history of the persecution against him, the attack, the funeral procession, and the latest news of his death.

Stop at EL Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace) and admire the beauty of the murals on the main staircase. In one, the life of the ancestors is depicted, in the next one you can see personalities of our time, as well as a glyph window.

In Xicotepec coffee is drunk at all times and is also carried in their handicrafts, this is because it is one of the most important coffee producers in Puebla. In the stores that are located in the portals are offered jewelry with coffee seeds, river stones, and flagstones, you can choose some earrings with hundreds of colors and prisms.

Whether at breakfast or lunch the cuisine of the Magical Town includes molotes, small dumplings filled with chicken, ground meat or pork; empanadas, and enchiladas. You can’t miss the delicious natural cecina, in addition to the typical sweets of the region.

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