Cancun fishing tournaments start with a new normal


The Capitan Ferrat Tournament will take place from June 11 to 13.

The nautical sector takes up the fishing tournaments to encourage the sector since each boat that participates leaves an economic spill of four thousand dollars.

Franciso Fernández Millán, president of the Quintana Roo Nautical Associates, mentioned that they start with the Captain Ferrat Tournament, which will take place from June 11 to 13 and for this they will be promoting a work of security measures, only four fishermen will be accepted per boat and guests will not be accepted as was the case before, in this way to maintain a healthy distance, but without affecting the economy and the realization of these events that were paused since last year.

“This year, the seventh fishing tournament” Copa Capitán Ferrat “is a special date for us because it will have an environment totally attached to the” new normal “with all the measures and protocols of health and healthy distance, with this new antecedent we hope to start and thereby give confidence so that more people can carry out these types of events that generate an economic spill ”, he explained.

For this first event that we will be holding, we will leave the Puerto Juárez maritime terminal , after the event process the awards ceremony will be held on the last day in which a whole measurement process will also be carried out.

Only 60 boats will be allowed in this competition and it will be only locals and nationals that will be participating this year, because it is still difficult for them to arrive from abroad.

The average of the competitions that are held throughout the state is from 20 to 25 annually , although last year only about three could be held, a situation that affects the sector, however this year they hope to recover part of them, from this way also the nautical sector can continue with the economic recovery.

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“Continuing with the support for natural conservation, all species of billfish, Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish will be released, making fishing the catch and release modality. Allowing nature to take its course. Impacting to a lesser degree on the trapped species ”, he commented.


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