Yuriria, Michoacan: colonial convent, lagoon and crater (VIDEO)


The origins of these lands date back to approximately 1115, when the Purépecha arrived in these lands and in what is now the south of the city, they see a crater with the presence of water, an Axalapasco that was dyed red. It is believed that it is a place where human sacrifices were made and that is why they gave this site the name of Yuririahpundaro which means “place of the lake of blood”.

When you arrive at this Magical Town, the first thing that you will be able to appreciate is the first convent built in Guanajuato as our guide Julio Cesar has mentioned to us, which at first glance looks like a castle and is that the former convents were built like a fortress.

This is an Augustinian convent that began its construction in 1550 and it only took 9 years to be built mainly by indigenous people during evangelization, in charge of Fray Diego de Chavez Alvarado, it consists of the temple and the convent, which today is a museum But in these moments of a pandemic, the site is closed and once everything passes it will reopen its doors to tourism.

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