France celebrates “The Month of Mexico at the Sorbonne”


Development of education, especially after the pandemic; femicide both in France and in Latin America; climate change; preservation of tangible and intangible heritage: pre-Hispanic writing; History of Medicine, and a wide spectrum of topics from the sciences and humanities, will be addressed during “The Month of Mexico at the Sorbonne”, to be held from June 3 to July 1 in Paris.

To strengthen academic ties between UNAM and the Sorbonne Université in various fields of knowledge that are cultivated in both institutions, the Center for Mexican Studies (CEM) UNAM-France and the French institution organized the meeting.

“It constitutes a third stage in the cooperation that we have been developing steadily since March 2020, when a delegation of French academics visited us in Ciudad Universitaria. There, similarities in research and joint teaching concerns were detected, ”said Federico Fernández Christlieb, director of the CEM UNAM-France.

The second stage, from March to May 2021, consisted of a series of virtual seminars between academics from both institutions who had met at UNAM, to which more academics with new issues were added.

“This is the third stage and we will be working on showing joint progress on several of the issues and on formalizing agreements; in a fourth stage, which will be at the end of the year, longer-term joint projects will be generated, seeking international funding and covering topics of common interest in research, teaching, and dissemination of culture ”, he commented.

Academic embassy

Francisco José Trigo Tavera, Coordinator of Relations and International Affairs of the UNAM; and Serge Fdida, vice president of International Development of the French university, will present the scope of this academic alliance.

The coordinators of Humanities and Scientific Research, of the National University, Guadalupe Valencia García and William Lee Alardín, respectively, will sign the agreement by which the UNAM-Sorbonne University Chair of Excellence for Exchange of Researchers is created.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of Cultural Diffusion, Jorge Volpi Escalante, will present opportunities for cooperation in the field of cultural diffusion.

Fernández Christlieb explained that five books co-edited between UNAM and Éditions Hispaniques de Sorbonne Université will be presented; Four Mexican films will be screened (some recently restored) and a live harp concert by maestro Edmundo Camacho will be offered.

In addition, three joint master’s degree projects will be presented in the fields of Vision Sciences, Musicology, and Hispano-American History.

There will be an information day for French students about the academic offerings of UNAM, and more than 60 academics from both universities will participate in dual conferences. For the closing on July 1, a round table will be held on the university community after the pandemic.

“The task of the CEM UNAM-France is to represent the academic entities of the National University (centers, institutes, faculties, schools, coordinators) and support the requests they have, facilitate them from an operational point of view and show interests that manifest various institutions such as Sorbonne Université and more than 50 French universities with which we have agreements ”, he commented.

UNAM-France has student mobility programs, academic stays for professors and researchers, as well as an exchange of high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

“We are perhaps a kind of embassy or academic representation of the UNAM, with no other intention than to continue to promote this cooperation that historically unites us with France,” concluded Fernández Christlieb.

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