Illegal extraction of sand on the beaches of Lake Chapala denounced


A group of citizens raised their voices and demanded that authorities of the three levels get to work since they have exhibited through social networks that invasions and damage to Lake Chapala continue to be carried out.

“More than anything about a year ago we made several complaints because they were bringing a lot of material in trucks to fill up… .. and we reported but there was no response at all, they came and closed a day or two…. Now practically this that began 6 days ago in the extraction of sand, it is a joke that nothing happens ”, explained a neighbor of the place.

This construction is located in Ajijic at the point known as La Alceseca next to the shore of Lake Chapala, where it was possible to see drums full of construction material and the movement of materials inside the body of water of the lake.

After days of work, on Friday, May 21, neighbors organized with a notary attended to register the facts to file a complaint with Federal and State authorities, for the extraction of material and to prevent the invasions of Lake Chapala from continuing.

” They promised to have the permits at two in the afternoon yesterday and to date, Mr. Albino has not appeared,” said an activist from Lake Chapala.

Faced with the earth movement and the work that was evidenced through videos, photographs, and audiovisual material, the Network of Riverine Peoples and Ajijic neighbors reconvened for Saturday, May 22, where Semadet personnel appeared to know and do Accompaniment of complaints submitted by neighbors or organizations to federal authorities.

After the citizen protest on Saturday, May 22, an agreement was reached with Semadet officials to exchange information to prepare a diagnosis and set up a work table to prevent activities that damage Lake Chapala from being carried out.

The concern of organized residents is that the authorities ignore the problem of invasions and ecological damage that is being caused, as well as the probable sinkhole that the earthworks left inside the lake and could cause a fatal accident.


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