Portrait of Oaxaca in seven brushstrokes


The state of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, falls in love with its beaches, its gastronomy, its ancient legacy and its magical towns

  • Portrait of Oaxaca in seven brushstrokesFew destinations in the world can claim to be as complete as Oaxaca. What do you want beaches? Here you have them all, kilometers long, deserted, brave and unrulyserene and loving. What do you prefer the mountain? Here it is called Sierra Juárez, and it has an untouched nature and small towns that continue to preserve many of their ancestral traditions. What does archeology throw at you? Is it worth it in the form of pre-Columbian sites and mysterious cities of fascinating civilizations? And what about gastronomy too? …. then now, stop reading, and pack your bags because this is what awaits you in Oaxaca.
  • Oaxacan chili peppers: a spicy rainbow (or not)Oaxacan chili peppers: a spicy rainbow (or not)Seven, like the seven days of the week, like the seven colors of the rainbow, and like the seven dwarfs in Snow White. It is said that this is the number of moles, those delicious spiced chili sauces, that exist in the state of Oaxaca. So varied and versatile are the seven “Oaxacan moles”: the yellow mole, the red mole, the Oaxacan black mole, the green mole, the red mole, and the “manchamanteles”, which accompany the delicious recipes of meat and vegetables. But, the truth, the truth, is that there are not seven, but they are counted by dozens. There is always a perfect mole for every moment and for every palate. Also without itching.
  • Capulálpam de Méndez: music, teacher!Capulálpam de Méndez: music, teacher!In the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca there is magic. The spell arises, for example, where the town of Capulálpam de Méndez is located, one of the most beautiful in the entire state, in one of its best-preserved enclaves. Both form a harmonious group that has earned it to become part of the select group of the Magic Towns of Mexico. But magic is not only what you see: its cobbled streets, its adobe and tile houses, framed in the yellow quarry of the San Mateo temple, but also everything that is only perceived with the eyes of the soul: the indigenous legacy and the colonial traditions that still survive.
  • Mazunte: at a snail's paceMazunte: at a snail’s pace Between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, Mazunte has become an example of sustainability and good environmental practices. This traditionally Tortuguero town, in which they like organic foods, plastics are abundant and attract travelers who love natural therapies, completely reinvented itself when in 1990 the ban on the hunting and commercialization of sea turtles was decreed in Mexico. He chose to continue keeping these shelled animals at the center of his life, but now not to hunt them, but to protect them. Since then, it has been a true sanctuary for these reptiles and houses the Mexican Turtle Center, with the Living Museum of the Turtle inside, where hundreds of specimens live, some of which have been rescued. In season (from March to November) it is rare the week that there is no release of turtles on the beach of La Escobilla, an emotional show joined by neighbors and travelers, who live in total harmony here.
  • Puerto Escondido: Hello, how are you?Puerto Escondido: Hello, how are you?His name already winks. Who doesn’t want to visit a destination called Puerto Escondido? But, the best is yet to come, because “Puerto” shoots his arrows of love without the possibility of escaping. To the west of the coastal region, it is the ideal place to enjoy nature and practice all kinds of sports and, above all, its beaches: Bacocho, Carrizalillo, Puerto Angelito, Manzanillo, Coral, Punta Colorada, Principal, Marinero and Zicatela, the latter world-famous for its giant waves for surfing. Waves bring surfing, and surfing brings a casual, laid-back vibe. But, in addition to the board, bring your fins and your goggles to dive or snorkel, your binoculars to observe the birds, and get ready to get on a bicycle or a horse and ride forests and jungles.
  • Mitla, the Zapotec City of the Dead  Mitla, the Zapotec City of the DeadIts name means the “Place of the Dead” in Nahuatl, because Mitla, built by the Zapotecs around 100 BC. It was a resting place and the second Zapotec ceremonial center, after it’s neighbor Monte Albán. Among squares, palaces, and patios, what most attract the attention of this site are its characteristic frets, motifs carved in stone with geometric designs, made with polished stone tablets and joined without any amalgam, which adorn the walls of its buildings. You will not be able to close your mouth.
  • All in one!  Like those of the GuelaguetzaAll in one! Like those of the GuelaguetzaNow more than ever we know that helping ourselves is the way. The ancient Zapotecs already knew this, celebrating the Guelaguetza festival for hundreds of years, a word that means “cooperate.”It takes place every year in the city of Oaxaca coinciding with the two Mondays closest to the festival of Carmen and is also known as “La Guelaguetza de Los Lunes del Cerro”, for the place where it takes place, the Cerro del Fortín. Each delegation from the representative groups of the eight traditional regions (Los Valles Centrales, La Sierra Juárez (North), La Cañada, Papaloapan, La Mixteca, La Costa, La Sierra Sur and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec), dressed in gala costumes , presents a sample of its cultural heritage with dances and songs. At the end, they offer the attendees their “Guelaguetza”, made up of typical objects from their respective regions.
  • Welcome to my forestWelcome to my forest from 0 to 3200 meters; valleys, lakes, rivers, and mountains … in the 93,000 square kilometers that the state of Oaxaca occupies, everything fits, and in that rich nature, composed of different climates, microclimates and vegetation, there is also room for many surprises for the traveler. Adventure sports walks through the forestobservation of flora and fauna, zip lines, or kayaking … the only condition is respect for the environment and the communities that inhabit the environment, which will serve as exemplary ambassadors to show all their secrets.


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