Is Pachuca the next BIG TRAVEL Mexican Destination? (VIDEO)


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🇲🇽 PACHUCA, HIDALGO, MEXICO – Hola amigos and welcome to another Mexico Travel video! A while ago, I asked on a live stream for destination suggestions. As always, I like to go to lesser known/visited locations in any country and you all suggested Hidalgo, or more specifically, the state capital, Pachuca, and Real del Monte, a small mining town with a history with English miners from Cornwall. You did not disappoint.

We fall in love with some destinations, and this is one of them! In this video (which is the first of THREE videos from Hidalgo) we explore a multitude of locations in Pachuca for my THREE YEAR TRAVEL ANNIVERSARY!!

We check out the Centro area, Plaza Juarez, Avenida Revolucion, the brightly coloured Las Palmitas, Centro at night with some awesome music, eat some pastes (more on that in the Real del Monte video and climb to the Cristo Rey!! Overall, Pachuca is diverse and does have similarities to other cities in the world.

But remember, this is Mexico! MUSIC – (all Epidemic Sound) “The Reunion” – Trevor Kowalski (intro and Cristo Rey) “Fast Track” – Jimmy Wahlsteen (walking to Revolucion) “Heavy Words We’re Holding” – Trevor Kowalski (Las Palmitas) “Alla Prima” – Voodulce (ending) SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! Affiliate Links – (more to come) 🔶If you would like to become a Patreon, check out the link below –…

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