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The number of sex workers in Mérida doubles after a ruling in their favor

After the ruling of the Collegiate Court to allow the sex workers of Mérida to exercise their work without restriction, the number increased

The number of sex workers who work in the San Cristóbal neighborhood, in the center of Mérida, doubled after the Collegiate Court in civil and administrative matters at the end of April granted them an amparo to be able to work freely without the Police could detain them for exercising their work.

According to the Municipal Police, before that date they had a census of 12 workers who offered their services in the vicinity of the San Cristóbal Park, on the outskirts of two motels and near the San Benito market; However, now there are just over 30 women who work two shifts, morning and afternoon, until before 9 at night.

The authorities indicated that their registry includes women, mostly between 30 and 40 years old, some from Kanasín and Umán, as well as from Veracruz, Oaxaca and Tabasco.

Some of the interviewees indicated that, after the protection, they feel more condos to work, because they are no longer with the pending that they are arrested.

MPD, originally from Veracruz and residing in the Guadalupana neighborhood, assured that despite the order, the police continue to harass them, although to a lesser extent.


The woman said that due to the pandemic, the number of women who came to the Center to dedicate themselves to this leisure increased. “Some are here and others on 58, in Itzáes and Central de Abastos,” he said.

The interviewee indicated that they provide between three to four services a day, although there are bad days when they can barely attract two clients.

He recalled that before they had to stay on the steps of the motel, because if they left, they ran the risk of being arrested for giving a bad image.

For its part, the Municipal Police denied that the agents harass the women. They indicated that they monitor that there are no disturbances and do not fall into acts of exhibitionism.

It transpired that the women who work in the 58 area are promoting a similar order, this in order to prevent the police from harassing them.

At the end of April of this year, a Collegiate Court ratified the amparo in favor of 16 sex workers from the San Cristóbal neighborhood, where it found the Police and Good Governance Regulations, which sanctioned sex work, as unconstitutional.

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