Now you can go “Glamping” in the magic town of Huamantla, Tlaxcala


Tlaxcala joins the trend of offering lodging experiences, an example of this is Glamping Amate, which is located in the Magical Town of Huamantla and is committed to getting away from the rest of the world without losing sight of the necessary security measures that are part of the new normal.

Gabriela López, Director of Glamping Amate, said that “glamping is the combination between the glamor of a stylish accommodation and the adventure experience of camping that allows direct contact with nature but in a much more comfortable and safe way”.

For this reason, she invites us to live the experience of sleeping under the stars of the Magical Town of Huamantla and appreciating the sky of Tlaxcala, inside a completely transparent and spacious comfortable bubble; the bed has a canopy, allowing you to observe the sky and maintain privacy.

In addition, they chose a contemporary design, that is why in each bubble you will find Acapulco-style chairs, giant spools of thread placed as night tables on the sides of the bed that in turn have platforms as a base, among other details.

Besides, to complement the stay, they have a bonfire area, romantic dinners, and concierge service that allows guests to plan historical and mountain tourism activities, as well as tours to the attractions of the region such as the Sanctuary of the Fireflies.

The three bubbles that for the moment make up Glamping Amate may change their location, at this time they are located within the gardens and terrace of a hotel in the heart of Huamantla, but once the local authorities allow it, they will return to the foothills of the mountain.

“At Glamping Amate we have bubbles with different concepts, in a private garden and also with an option for groups of friends where the bubbles share space on a beautiful terrace. The private garden is ideal for romantic dates, such as engagement or marriage proposals, while the other bubbles are preferred by families seeking to spend a few relaxing days in a beautiful and quiet place such as Huamantla ”, Gabriela Lopez concluded.

Source: OEM

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