Why are more American ex-pats US buying Mexican IPMI plans?


Due to the ‘astronomical costs’ of the US healthcare system, American ex-pats have begun to look abroad to cover their medical insurance needs, says MexInsurance.

International Private Medical Insurance, or iPMI, is a long-term health insurance designed to cover the expatriates outside their home country. Some iPMI plans also cover the local citizens in their own country as long as it is not the U.S.

“The average national health insurance premium for a benchmark US plan was US$452 per month in 2021 – and these rates can vary significantly, state by state, depending on specific insurance plans, age, health, etc.,” said Charles Lundy, Founder and CEO of MexInsurance®, a broker providing a suite of insurance products, and which recently began offering access to Mexican health insurance plans through CIGNA.

“The bottom line is that health insurance is still more expensive in the US than anywhere else in the world – often costing far more than an average citizen can comfortably afford. It just makes more sense for frequent travellers to Mexico to buy Mexican health insurance while they’re abroad.”

Giving advice on obtaining expat health insurance in Mexico, MexInsurance explains that the quality of care is generally higher for expats who use private health insurance rather than the Mexican health insurance system (IMSS). In addition, private insurance in Mexico is still much more affordable than US healthcare plans.

And, while Mexico has often been associated with unscrupulous healthcare practices, MexInsurance insists that opting for a reliable provider (it promotes CIGNA Global Health), claims can be processed quickly through an established global network trusted by doctors and hospitals everywhere.

Source: ITIJ

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