San Cristóbal de Las Casas, the verified gossip of the 14 candidates


A very basic ABC of the elections for the municipal presidency of San Cristóbal.

A. In San Cristóbal de Las Casas there are 13 male candidates and one female candidate. These are their names and the nominating parties (in the order presented by the IEPC):

  1. Miguel Darío Valdez Galán (Chiapas Unido)
  2. Esteban Guadalupe Morales Moreno (Independiente)
  3. David Jonatan Aguilar Gurrión (Fuerza por México)
  4. Hugo Francisco Pérez Moreno (Movimiento Ciudadano)
  5. Diego Armando Cabrera Urbina (Nueva Alianza Chiapas)
  6. Fernando Rafael Morfín Utrilla (Partido del Trabajo)
  7. Enoc Hernández Cruz (Partido Encuentro Solidario)
  8. Juan Salvador Camacho Velasco (Partido Morena)
  9. Marco Antonio Mazariegos Flores (Partido Popular Chiapaneco)
  10. Mariano Alberto Díaz Ochoa (Partido Verde Ecologista de México)
  11. Guadalupe del Carmen Ramírez Hernández (Podemos Mover a Chiapas)
  12. Carlos Manuel Bermúdez Crocker (Redes Sociales Progresistas)
  13. Miguel Ángel Morales Zúñiga (Va por Chiapas)
  14. Juan Carlos Herrera Hernández (Independiente no registrado)

B. Here are some verified gossip about the candidates and the candidate, as well as the parties that nominate them.

  1. Dr. Galán, known as the people’s doctor, rose in popularity last year when the authorities tried to close his private practice (before the closure, he threatened to say what he knew about the actions of the Chiapas government in the face of the pandemic. He kept his office open and did not say what he knew). The Chiapas United Party was built on the structure of the PSD (extreme right), then it was the Chiapas Pride Party (POCh). The state leader of this party was denounced by his wife for family violence.
  2. Professor Esteban Morales is a physical education teacher and it is the second time that he has run as an independent candidate. As last time, his application is accompanied by different social and citizen organizations (which hopefully this time will not disperse as soon as the elections are over and are encouraged to jointly build a less circumstantial proposal).
  3. David Gurrión directs a foundation called “I want to rescue San Cristóbal” and was a candidate for the Citizen Movement. Force for Mexico is an obradorista party led by a senator from Morena and the leader of CATEM.
  4. Hugo Pérez registered as a candidate for almost all the parties and he just got the MC, therefore he had to dance the theme of the orange movement on TikTok (it’s very funny). On her payroll is Leticia Lescieur, head of the Posh group and who has just resigned from the PRI. The Citizen Movement is the party of Dante Delgado, whom Zedillo commissioned in 1995 to deactivate the EZLN (although he later accused him of stealing 450 million and put him in jail).
  5. Diego Urbina I think is the youngest candidate. He was also from the Posh group, closely linked to the PRI and his thing is sports and horses. The New Alliance Party is one of the parties of the teacher Elba Esther.
  6. Fernando Morfín was a state leader of the OGOCP and also director of ICATECH during the government of Güero Velasco. The PT is part of the alliance of parties of the 4T and is the only party that says the word “socialism” in its principles.
  7. Enoch was a radio announcer for a long time and from there he became municipal president (for the PSD, a party linked to right-wing Catholic groups). On his payroll is the son of the leader of the organization Alas de Aguila (Army of God) and who controls most of the pirate radios of San Cristóbal. The PES is a party that in different press releases has linked itself to right-wing evangelical groups (they are also the ones who freed the perpetrators of the Acteal massacre and those who lost the evidence in the case of Samir Flores). They are part of the 4T alliance. In Chiapas, the PES franchise belongs to the De León Villard family.
  8. Juan Salvador is the son of Manuel Camacho Solis, grandson of Manuel Velasco Suárez and cousin of Güero Velasco. He has been alderman for the Green and local deputy for Morena. On his roster the main critics, opponents and boycotters of the outgoing government of the same party (except for one, who before being part of his roster called Juan Salvador “junior”, “mequito” and “opportunist”) were gathered. Morena is a left-wing party, the backbone of the 4T.
  9. Marco Antonio Mazariegos is a stranger to me and Google. The Chiapaneco Popular Party presented to the IEPC a 14-page double-spaced electoral platform with wide margins, which includes proposals such as lowering taxes for businessmen, supplying medicines for all kinds of diseases, and promoting “environmental cleaning programs to avoid contamination. »(Sic).
  10. Mariano Díaz has already been municipal president twice and a local deputy (all for the PRI). He was also in prison for the illegal exercise of public service and criminal association. As municipal president, he promoted hate speech towards indigenous people, outsiders, foreigners, street vendors and young people. The PVEM is a party-business on the way to extinction.
  11. Lupita Ramírez is an accountant and civil registry judge (attesting to the first gay wedding in San Cristóbal). She was a candidate three years ago for the Morena party. She is the only woman nominated for the municipal presidency. The Podemos Mover a Chiapas party used to be called just Mover a Chiapas, but after meeting a certain Spanish party they added the “Podemos” (and even put their logo more purple, just like that one).
  12. Carlos Bermúdez was COBACH coordinator in the Altos area and leader of the PVEM in San Cristóbal. The Progressive Social Networks party is the most recent party of the teacher Elba Esther.
  13. Miguel Morales is a local CNOP businessman leader. Alito’s childhood friend (the leader of the PRI). After his nomination, the losing candidates went to other parties and left him without much support (well, all the pirate combis support him). The Va x Chiapas coalition is the state version of Va x México, that is, the PRIANRD led by a junior toilet paper seller.
  14. Carlos Herrera wanted to be a candidate for Morena three years ago, but a lottery determined that the municipality should nominate a woman. He resigned from the party and was nominated by the PAN-PRD-MC alliance and obtained less than five thousand votes (he was in 5th place). A few months ago he returned to Morena but again he was not nominated and decided to run as a candidate without registration.

C. Quantitative comparison —which should be qualitative— of the electoral platforms presented to the IEPC:

  1. Chiapas Unido: 55 pages…/09_plataforma…
  2. Esteban Morales: I have not been able to find a document with your platform, I only saw a notarial act that I believe is one page long, with three proposals.
  3. Force for Mexico: 38 pages.…/16_PLATAFORMA%20DE…
  4. Citizen Movement: 92 pages.…/08_PLATAFORMA…
  5. New Alliance Chiapas: 26 pages.…/12_PLATAFORMA…
  6. Labor Party: 26 pages (they present the national generic platform, there is no state version).…/06_Plataforma%20PT…
  7. Solidarity Encounter Party: 71 pages (they present the national generic platform, there is no state version).…/14_Plataforma…
  8. Morena Party: 53 pages.…/10_plataforma…
  9. Chiapaneco Popular Party: 14 pages.…/13_PLATAFORMA…
  10. Green Party: 206 pages (they present the national generic platform, there is no state version).…/07_PLATAFORMA…
  11. We Can Move to Chiapas: 21 pages.…/11_Plataforma…
  12. Progressive Social Networks: 34 pages.…/15_PLATAFORMA…
  13. It goes through Chiapas: 33 pages.…/02_PLATAFORMA%20VA…
  14. Carlos Herrera: I have not been able to find any document where he presents his electoral platform.


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