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The Nazis were not left alone in Europe. A part of history was created from Mexico. That is where events, secret pacts, betrayals, and espionage intertwine. What did the country have to seduce Adolf Hitler, and at the same time, was a refuge for thousands of Jews who found their second home there?

” Nazis in Mexico: spies, alliances and betrayals “, produced by Politico MX exclusively for Podimo, presents over six episodes, a journey through the most devastating event in contemporary history, as well as the operations of espionage networks and sympathizers of the Third Reich.

The Petroleum Expropriation of President Lázaro Cárdenas, on March 18, 1938, was the peak moment that aroused the Führer’s interest in Mexico. The boycott of the United States and its allies to pressure the government after the nationalization of oil, generated a devastating crisis for the Cardenista government. What options did the general have? He agreed to sell crude to the Axis countries and become a fundamental piece for the production of weapons. Meanwhile, the Nazi ideology had an advance that was heard even on the radio.

The position of Mexico changed with the arrival of President Manuel Avila Camacho, on 1 December 1940. The bombing of two Mexican oil tankers and the death of at the least a dozen of his crew caused to leave aside the “neutrality” for put yourself in the service of the United States in the war. During that period, the actions of Squadron 201 and the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force raised Mexico with their bravery.

The old Federal District was the base of operations for a network of Nazi spies, led by the German actress Hilda Krüger, who managed to infiltrate the Mexican political leadership, by direct order of Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda.


The German Casino building still stands in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Inside the enclosure, there were stories that made it a meeting point for supporters of Nazism, where not only cards were exchanged, but it was also a meeting point for supporters of the Third Reich. A historical property that dates back to the times of the Porfiriato.

Lázaro Cárdenas appointed Gilberto Bosques as consul in France, a revolutionary character who, over time, continues in the midst of controversy. For many, he is considered a hero because of the visas he gave to thousands of Jews, and for others, a “bureaucrat” who could save thousands more if only he had the will to do so.

The Jewish community began its history in Mexico in the 1920s, and by World War II there were at least 10,000. With more than 100 years in Mexican territory, there are hundreds of stories, the basis of the construction of a political, economic, and social legacy.

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