Two cases of Indian variant of Covid are identified in a ship that arrived in Mazatlán


Upon arrival in Mazatlan, it was identified that 7 of the 23 crew members suffered from Covid, of which 2 carry the Indian variant

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Two of the seven crew members infected with Covid-19 from the oil ship from Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán, which docked in the port, are isolated in a hospital, for presenting the variant of the Indian virus.

The boat crew twenty, whose log record a previous trip to a port in the United States, to being inspected by personnel of international health, on 2 May, on arrival in the port of Mazatlan, earned seven of them had infections of Covid-19.

The Secretary of State Health, Efrén Encina Torres, announced two days ago that suspicions had been detected that two of the seven infected had symptoms of the Indian variant, so they were isolated in a hospital.

With the application of rapid tests, upon arrival, it was possible to establish that seven of the twenty-three crew members were infected with Covi-19, later, new laboratory studies established that two of them present the Indian variant.

He pointed out that as preventive measures it was determined to issue an epidemiological fence and contagion monitoring, through the corresponding chain by the health jurisdiction and international health.


The Mazatlan Post