The British and Canadians will return to Los Cabos in 2021


Before the end of 2021, British and Canadian travelers could be returning to Los Cabos, Rodrigo Esponda said in an interview.

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust, in Baja California Sur, is in talks with its British and Canadian partners to return this year.

In an interview with Travel Newspaper Rodrigo Esponda, General Director of Fiturca, said that they are still in talks with the European partners to reopen and reactivate the flight to London.

The manager is confident that they will reactivate flights from the United Kingdom at the end of the year.

It should be remembered that after months of negotiations, on November 8, 2019, the direct flight of Touristik Union International (TUI) arrived from London to Los Cabos.

“It is a very interesting market for us, we are waiting for the United Kingdom to publish the list of countries and under what conditions,” he commented.

According to Esponda, the English authorities informed that there will be three lists of country types: green, yellow, and red. If Mexico is on the green list, this will immediately allow reactivating the tourist flow.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.


The Fitiurca is in talks trying to bring other new direct flights from Europe.

“Hopefully, within all these changing situations that Covid-19 has given us, they will allow us to see the level of service and security that we have. And that the airlines have the equipment available that allows us to have in the short term some other direct flight from another region of Europe “, concluded Esponda


The Los Cabos Tourism Trust expects the arrival of Canadian tourists, as well as the English, towards the end of this year, 2021.

“What we have discussed with the partners is that the Canadian government has already announced that it is going to implement a vaccine passport,” he explained.

Currently, Canadian travelers have an application that they must use when returning to their country, it is called Arrive Canada; there it puts information on the number of flights, how many days they were away, etc, and generates a QR that they must show when they arrive at migration.

“That process will be similar, but now they are going to incorporate the issue of vaccination. Then Canadians will have to add the information that they are already vaccinated. This seems to me that it will reactivate the Canadian market towards the end of the year ”, added Esponda.


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