Candidate for mayor attacked in Morelia, Michoacan


Morelia, Michoacan.- On Saturday, May 8, an SUV belonging to the campaign team of Guillermo Valencia, PRI candidate for mayor of Morelia, was shot at close range by several armed individuals.

First reports assured that the attack took place around 10:00 p.m., on Celeste 60 Street, located in the Cosmos neighborhood. The politician was unhurt, but at least two people who were traveling in the white Pick Up truck, covered with propaganda, were seriously injured and were taken to the Star Médica hospital in Morelia.

In a live broadcast by Valencia, he indicated that he was in good health, and showed the results of the attack, which left at least 15 bullet holes in the car driven by his brother.

Likewise, his family member followed the transmission outside the hospital, where he was crying out for a stretcher to attend to the injured. “They shot my carnal truck, those sons of the Chingada, but that happens when the fucking judges release fucking criminals,” he can be heard literally saying in the footage.

Memo Valencia was unharmed, but two people had gunshot wounds (Photo: Facebook / Apatzingán Civil Resistance)

On a stretcher, a woman wearing a black vest and red shirt was taken to the hospital, in a grimace of pain, she was taken into the hospital with an injured leg.

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of Michoacán deployed an operation to locate those responsible for the aggression who fled after the attack on the PRI convoy, and where the truck drove by René Valencia, the candidate’s brother, had greater impacts.

“In coordination with electoral authorities and political parties, we will continue to strengthen security protocols for the candidates who require it in this electoral process, and close the way to those who are determined to disrupt the peace,” said the security agency.

For its part, the State Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation into the events and assured that protection measures will be issued in favor of the victims. In addition, it will carry out expert proceedings and other acts so that this fact does not go unpunished.

At least 15 bullets hit the truck (Photo: Facebook / Resistencia Civil Apatzingán)

From his social networks, the coordinator of the Memo Valencia campaign, Wilfrido Lázaro Medina, confirmed the attack and the politician’s state of health. In his publication, he expressed his anger and urged the intervention of the corresponding authorities.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party also spoke on social networks, where they condemned the attack, in addition to making an energetic call to the federal government to guarantee the safety of the candidates in this electoral process.

Source: El Arsenal

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