Los Cabos authorities issued permission to build the problematic El Médano “CWC Tower” development


After the last administration closed the construction site located on the corner of Acuario and Cormoranes streets in the El Médano neighborhood, due to irregularities in the construction license and forgery of signatures, today they are building. 

He explained that there is a criminal proceeding before the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) for these events and that they are settled in the investigation folder NUCCSL / 694/2019, today the XIII Administration of Los Cabos granted construction licenses to these developers.

El Médano beach

The former director of Planning and Urban Development of the XII City Council of Los Cabos, Álvaro Ramírez Galvez, said that when the administration changed, he presented his complaint to the Comptroller’s Office and the justice authorities, for the alleged falsification of the signature on 8 construction licenses, including that of El Médano, being settled before the corresponding authorities and with a copy for all the members of the current Cabildo de Los Cabos and state authorities.

The former official indicated that the project presented to the past administration was to build a restaurant with underground parking, however, it was not, so developers for a change incurred deception by violating the Urban Development Plan, so Ramírez Galvez proceeded legally and legally.

El Médano beach

“In that area, 6 levels are not allowed, because it does not border the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, so only 4 levels are allowed, another observation is that they do not comply with certain lateral restrictions, so the work leaves the limitations established in the Urban Development Plan. “

“They have to comply with the frontal and lateral distance, but it is not like that, they are adjoining the sidewalk and the hotel, so I gave myself the task of reporting to the corresponding authorities, and to date it has not proceeded.”

HOTEL cwc tower – Colectivo Pericú

He recalled that from the beginning the construction has a very controversial antecedent, since it began with a license for a parking lot where they said that they were not the signatures of the director that he authorized at the time, but that they received the payments for it at the cash register and today It is a hotel with more than 4 floors . 

He explained that, although the lands are owned by individuals, the problem lies in the fact that everything that is established in the norm is being skipped , coupled with the fact that it is not a viable project since to date El Médano is exceeded due to the great demand of the population in terms of services, as well as saturated by developments that have not contributed anything to the area either through water works or spaces for the creation of schools or green areas. 

He explained that projects of this nature that are bad from the beginning always bring conflicts in the long run and many times end in unfortunate situations such as the one that recently occurred in CDMX on line 12 of the metro.

To conclude, I call on the councilors not to endorse this type of licenses in the council, and said, “that it is the Director or the directors who assume that responsibility and in the same way to the directors who, although the Council approves that they ensure that the developer comply with each and every one of the requirements established in the regulations ”.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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