Monterrey inaugurates new Viva Aerobus direct flight to Harlingen, Texas


International air travel to Mexico just got a little easier with direct flights from Harlingen to Monterrey that will soon be available at the Valley International Airport through the Mexican airline Viva Aerobus.

The new route starts Thursday, May 6th, with flights running on Thursdays and Sundays.

“For sure this will improve convenience for travelers and access between these two sister cities and this is regarding the business and the cultural ties we have in common,” Viva Aerobus Director of Communications Wilfred Castro said.

Harlingen city leaders say the addition of direct international flights will not only take the airport to a whole new level, it’ll also bring more dollars to Cameron County. 

“We have a lot of folks in Mexico, specifically in Monterrey who own property on South Padre Island so it’s going to make it more convenient and safer for them to travel from their homes to their second homes,” Harlingen City Mayor Chris Boswell said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for citizens here in the valley not only to vacation to some beautiful places in Mexico, but it strengthens our business ties.”

Tickets will be as low as $79 one way.

Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell said he is hopeful the new route will help the airport bounce back after the airport saw an 80 percent decrease in air travel last year – a huge drop attributed to the pandemic.

“It’s climbing back up and in fact the last month here I think every flight out of Harlingen has been full,” Mayor Boswell said. “So now we need more flights because people are starting to travel and they’re feeling safer.”

Source: E Dreams MX

Monterrey Daily Post