Baja Sur receives bids for two water projects estimated at 250 million USD

Exterior view on tanks of desalination plant Desaladora de Carboneras in Carboneras, Spain, 31 March 2009. Tanks filled with sand pre-filter salt water from the Meditarranean Sea that is later purified. The plant can provide potable water to 500,000 people, currently it runs on 25 per cent of its capacity. Photo: Bodo Marks

Authorities from Mexico’s Baja California Sur state (BCS) have received bids for two water projects estimated at 5.2bn pesos (US$252mn) to improve water distribution in Los Cabos municipality.

One project is the 3.9bn-peso Los Cabos desalination plant and the other the 1.3bn-peso integral improvement of Cabo San Lucas city’s water distribution system. Both are being tendered by Los Cabos city water operator Oomsapas as separate public-private partnership agreements and a winner for each will be announced in May. 

Bids for the 25-year desalination plant contract were presented on April 23 and were published on procurement site Compranet over the weekend. 

Four participants had submitted technical bids for designing, building, equipping and operating the desalination plant and two proposals were selected for the next round. 

One proposal was submitted by a consortium formed by Sacyr Concesiones México, Sacyr Agua, Indi Infraestructura and Regiomontana de Construcción y Servicios and one by a consortium comprising La Peninsular Compañía Constructora and Acciona Agua

The consortium led by Sacyr is offering to charge around 15mn pesos monthly, which could translate into 4.5bn pesos during the contract period. The other consortium is offering to charge 12mn pesos monthly, which is about 3.6bn pesos during the contract period. 

Oomsapas will pick a winner on May 7, and works are expected to kick off on May 17. 

Meanwhile, bids for improving the Cabo San Lucas distribution system were presented on March 13 and three of the four proposals were selected for the next round. 

The participants involve a consortium formed by Recsa Energía, Goaigua Mex, Soluciones avanzadas de Agua, Servicios y Medio Ambiente and Indi Infraestructura; a consortium comprising FCC Aqualia and Aqualia México; and a consortium formed by La Peninsular Compañía Constructora and Acciona Agua. 

The first consortium is offering to charge 205 pesos per user without tax, the second 133 pesos and the third 187 pesos. The number of users in Cabo San Lucas was not disclosed in the tender specifications. 

Oomsapas will pick the winner on May 6, according to a notice published on Compranet in which the operator said it changed the date. 

Source: BN Americas

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