Authorities are investigating more than 20 companies in Mexico for ties to the Romanian cartel


With a broad criminal structure that operates in 14 states of the Mexican Republic and transfers illicit money through front companies to the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Panama, Spain, Hungary, and Romania, the Romanian cartel led by Florian Tudor is accused in Mexico of committing cyber fraud, money laundering, human trafficking (trafficking in women for sexual exploitation, mainly Romanian women), extortion, fraud, and bribery of federal, state and municipal officials, judges and magistrates, as well as owners and managers of media communication outlets.

Around 20 companies, some of them classified as “ghost companies” by the tax authorities, are investigated by Mexican authorities for having an alleged relationship with the Romanian Tudor criminal corporation, where shareholders, names, partners, and public notaries are involved.

Julian Tudor

The companies involved are: Inmobiliaria Investcun, SA de CV; Intacarrent, SA de CV; Europa Invest, SA de CV; Brazil Money Exchange; Intacash Top Life Servicios, S de RL de CV; Ability Project, SA de CV; Commonwealth Financial, SA de CV; Tecnología para la Industria de la Construcción, SA de CV; Momvavi Grupo Constructor, SA de CV; Corporativo de Asistencia en Salud GAMA, SA de CV; Party Brothers, SA de CV; Servicios Dolby, SA de CV; Servicios Corporativas Mimoga, SA de CV; Alto Mundo Gym Technology, S de RL de CV; Zamarripa Consulting, SA de CV; Royal Marketing; Mexrou Comercializadora, S de RL de CV; Intaller, S de RL de CV; D & d Events Act; Intacarrent, SA de CV.

Related to the Pacific Cartel, Florian Tudor, nicknamed Rechinu, has two main centers of operation, one in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and the other in his native country, Romania, and from both locations he runs an international criminal network that involves five countries in America: the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, and the Barbados Islands; three from Europe: Romania, Italy, and Spain; and eight from Asia: Russia, South Korea, China, Japan, India, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Indonesia.

Source: Dossier Politico

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