Mazatlan’s garbage could be closed if the waste is not properly managed


Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The director of Ecology and Environment of Mazatlán, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo reported that one of the problems that the city has is the garbage since it is an underworld place and something has to be done otherwise it will cease to belong to the Townhall.

Sanjuan Gallardo mentioned that it is important to give proper waste management, tourism is being given priority, but garbage is also important, the municipality has to face this problem and no longer pay more millions of pesos for a citizen complaint and a judge to force to pay a considerable amount monthly.

The director stressed that she was convinced that the garbage problem has to be stopped and do whatever it takes to prevent the environmental problem and the health risk from growing.

He also commented that the administration to which he belongs only has 6 months left, since it would be impossible to make a new garbage dump.

It is worth mentioning that a couple of days ago, complaints were filed about the burning of tires that scavengers were carrying out, so this action generates pollutants harmful to health and gases that contribute to global warming.


The Mazatlan Post