Environmental prototypes are designed at the Aerospace Academy of Tlaxcala


In the actions so that the population has technological solutions within their reach, the Aerospace Academy of Mexico (AAM) in Tlaxcala, designs four prototypes that help take care of the planet.

Four prototypes are built which are a greenhouse, a cold press for oil extraction with one third of Earth’s gravity, a laboratory for the synthesis of plastic for a 3D printer, and a 3D printer prototype.

“They are all the necessary devices to be able to produce plastic for 3D printers from biopolymers on Mars,” he commented.

Núñez George said that a company dedicated to the manufacture of high-tech washing machines took the model of the AAM classes in Tlaxcala to make a commercial where they promote water care.

The specialist stressed that the planet is fortunate to have water, but it must be cared for responsibly and with alternative technological solutions.

Earth Day was designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, for 22 years with the purpose of remembering that the planet and its ecosystems give us life.

From the Ministry of Public Education they promoted that everyone can contribute to the care of our planet and international agreements that benefit the environment.

Source: OEM

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