Tourists crowd Mazatlan tourist areas


When making a journey from Olas Altas to Valentino, a large number of people could be observed walking; Pulmonias, Aurigas are doing their best to keep up

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The tourist area of ​​Mazatlán is being crowded with visitors from different parts of the Mexican Republic.

When making a tour from Olas Altas to Valentino, a large number of people could be observed walking, taking photographs in the different paradors and attractive places of the city such as the Devil’s Cave, El Clavadista, Continuidad de La Vida, the monument to the Fisherman and in the different photographic locations.

But not only that is what visitors are enjoying, but they also go to different beaches such as Los Pinitos, Playa Norte, the Carpa Olivera pool, among other areas.

But this large number of people are also taking advantage of the aurigas and pulmonias since it is observed that many units are full and they take walks throughout the bay of Mazatlán, which goes from Olas Altas to Valentino.

Faced with this number of tourists who arrive every weekend in Mazatlan, great road chaos is generated mainly on Del Mar Avenue and where this problem can be observed more is at the height of the Martiniano Park and another point is at the junction of the Avenida de Los Deportes and another avenue arriving in the Valentino area since many people get out of their vehicles in those places to take a picture either in the letters of Mazatlán or in a monument.


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