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Mazatlán is becoming a ‘vertical city’

The architect Omar Osuna Osuna, builder and developer, assured that Mazatlán is undergoing a metamorphosis from being a city that has grown with horizontal developments to a city, increasingly, with vertical developments.

He said this is part of the over-demand for real estate in the city, but it is also part of a trend to take advantage of more space and develop upwards, which completely changes the real estate dynamics in the destination.

“Right now there is a very important trigger, Mazatlán is undergoing a transformation, there is vertical growth, we see the coastal strip and the first squares that are growing to the extent that they are the regulations and regulatory plans, it is becoming a vertical city” said the former president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlán.

An example of this: the boardwalk and the neighborhoods where nothing new had been built for many years.

“The perhaps old houses, where the parents lived, are being transformed into level buildings that generate a lot of growth in terms of the movement that they give to the area. Places that were dead, that were turned off, abandoned houses on the boardwalk are being demolished and being made new, they are new people, there is a great bonanza and capital gains are growing, more and more investment is coming ”.

The architect indicated that this is the best time for Mazatlán to invest, a tourist destination that has resurfaced and is dragging the real estate industry with it.

Northern Mazatlan is also experiencing a real estate boom

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