Eight municipalities of Aguascalientes are now on green traffic light


The state of Aguascalientes is heading towards the green color of the epidemiological traffic light of the Federal Ministry of Health, after in the last update of the Covid State Indicator (IEC) this Friday, April 23rd, eight of the 11 municipalities of the state are already in color green, which represents a slight risk of trend and contagion.

The municipalities found in this overview are: Asientos, Calvillo, Cosío, El Llano, Jesús María, San Francisco de los Romo, San José de Gracia and Tepezalá.

For their part, the yellow demarcations, which represent a lower risk, are Pabellón de Arteaga and Rincón de Romos. The capital, Aguascalientes, is the only municipality that remains in the orange color of higher risk.

The municipalities that are in green will be able to make some mobility restriction measures more flexible during the next week, such as the following:

  • Discretionary events or social parties on public roads Regulated money order establishments (clubs, bars, canteens, picnic areas) may have a capacity of up to 70%.
  • The markets and Tianguis will be able to operate without restrictions. Parks, gardens, squares, and common area spaces may also be opened without the restriction of capacity.
  • Public shows in closed spaces may have a capacity of 50% and 75% if they are held in open spaces.
  • The patron saint festivities may be carried out on a discretionary basis.
  • The supply centers will be able to operate without restriction, as well as the cemeteries.
  • Non-essential activity business license establishments may operate at their discretion.

By Alejandro Romo

Source: newsweekespanol.com

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