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Women are being abused, raped and disappeared in the state of Guerrero

From 2020 to date, 20 femicides have occurred in the Guerrero High Mountain region (Montaña Alta de Guerrero), as well as 20 sexual crimes. Human rights defenders have raised their voices demanding the federal and state governments to respond to the cry of women.


My name is Reina, I am 8 years old, my school teacher sexually abused me, when I talked about it, they said I was lying. I was kicked out of school, the teacher is still there

Like Reina, many other minors report the abuses against them: they point out that the Public Ministry did not believe them and their perpetrators are still free.

“My name is Julia, I am 15 years old, my father raped me and my family forced me to forgive him,” reads a card carried by the victim, according to a publication by Marea Verde Guerrero.
My next-door neighbor sexually abused me, I denonced him, the “Ministerio Püblico” said that we should reach an agrrement, nothing happened and the man who abused me is still free (Andrea 13 years old)
My name is Martina, my uncle raped me, the “Ministerio Público” do not believe me.
My family sold me to a man, who raped me, made me pregnant, I managed to escape, the local authorities delivered me back to him (Petra 16 years old)
I have to take contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant, I have to interact with my agressor everyday


The Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center declared that investigating authorities have done nothing to protect these defenseless young girls.

“They do not believe them, they discriminate against them, they bureaucratize their complaints, they also treat them as if they were people who do not reason, they treat them as if they have no rights at all, all of these girls are going through a great deal of suffering,” said Abel Barrera, director of the organization.

“The hardest part has been the human losses and how the news in the region is filled with horror stories of women who appear dismembered, severed,” the director of the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center continued.

The numbers of pain and suffering

2014 to 2021
71 femicides
20 femicides
Three cases of missing women
2020 to April 2021
20 sex crimes
January 2020 to date
80 cases of female violence at home
85 cases reported economic violence
2016 to date
35 disappearances of people, 10 are women


My daughter Aurelia Velázquez Moreno went to her in-laws’ house and disappeared, said the indigenous Catarina, a resident of Cochoapa El Grande.

“She left three small children and now there is no one to take care of them, I want my in-laws to help me look for my daughter, we have come to Tlapa but they do nothing, I feel very sad for my daughter, I don’t know where she is, I want to know where she is, ” she said.

The woman assured that there are rumors in her community that they are going to kill her because she is asking for justice for her daughter.


Ángel, Maribel Pérez’s brother, disappeared in March of last year along with his wife and two daughters, twelve and four years old.

“They notified us that they appeared in Tlapa, in the truck they found four charred bodies,” said the resident of Zapotitlán Tablas.

“We have not had a response from the authorities, we do not know, who killed them, if they tortured them, we do not know how much they suffered before they were burned.”

Maribel pointed out that in order to seek justice they have been threatened, so they had to leave Guerrero.

“It was a very cruel death, we don’t know who or why they had to die like that, we want justice for our famly,” Maribel Perez concluded.

Source: Reforma

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