Puerto Vallarta will have direct flight from New York with JetBlue


Luis Villaseño r, interim director of the Puerto Vallarta Promotion and Advertising Trust, reported that as of the first two months of 2022, JetBlue airline will be connecting New York with Puerto Vallarta. 

The frequency, schedules, characteristics of the aircraft, and commercialization of the New York-Puerto Vallarta flight with JetBlue will be announced in the coming months, but it has been confirmed that this air link will take place between January and February 2022. 

“Today it was precisely the turn of the JetBlue airline, which announced the new route from New York to Puerto Vallarta from the first quarter of 2022, tentative in the month of January or February and this reinforces connectivity and the number of seats to the destination. for what will be the next winter season, “he said. 

He indicated that the New York metropolitan area, with more than 27 million inhabitants, is an important tourist market, so it was a good decision for JetBlue to launch a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta from the “John F. Kennedy” airport

“We anticipated a delay in the season, we are seeing it now, the increase in new airlines, increased capacity and the arrival of other players and well the occupations that we are also seeing for summer, 30% is already reserved, we still have days ahead and we see that we will have a very interesting mix of both national and international influx ”. 

For his part, Scott Laurence, the airline’s Planning Manager, stressed that with the Northeast alliance, they can finally offer travelers in New York what they have been asking for for years: more JetBlue services and lower rates to highly desired destinations. as is Puerto Vallarta . 

“Our global alliances are designed to increase our network and benefit our clients, team members and investors,” he said.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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