Biden tells AMLO migratory issues will Not be addressed at Climate Change Summit


The government of the United States clarified that in the Summit on Climate Change that Joe Biden will lead, the migratory issue will not be addressed, as López Obrador intends.

The government of the United States clarified that during the Summit on Climate Change that President Joe Biden will lead, the migration issue will not be discussed, as the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, intends.

“We recently heard about that,” a State Department official began by saying during a teleconference to discuss the Summit that will be held Thursday and Friday of this week, regarding what López Obrador announced about his participation.

“It does not sound like an issue that has the opportunity for an extensive conversation, not in Mexico or between Mexico and the United States,” he pointed out in reference to Mexico’s proposal to talk about migration issues during the Climate Summit.

Last weekend and then during his morning conference on Monday 19, the Mexican president affirmed that during the event he will propose to Biden the issuance of the US visa for temporary agricultural employment for Mexican and Central American workers affiliated with the program called “Sembrando Vida”.

According to López Obrador, at the Summit on Environment and Climate Change, in which 40 heads of State and Government will participate, he will seek to discuss with Biden his idea of ​​including Central America in his project to plant fruit and timber trees.

“That after three years of being enrolled in the Sembrando Vida program, they have the right to a temporary work visa to go to the United States for six months and return the other six months to their villages,” he said during his morning conference on Monday. .

Regarding the Sembrando Vida program, the State Department official pointed out that the US government sees a naturist value in the tree planting component.

“If we look at the climate change agenda, the issue of reforestation is very important, the best part of a third of global emissions comes from the land-use sector that includes forestry, agriculture, and land management. land, that is why there is enormous environmental value in the tree planting agenda ”, he added.

And while it recognized reforestation to benefit the fight against climate change, the Biden government stated that the Summit is not the platform to address migration issues.

“We are not focused on the intersection of issues; for us, the climate agenda needs to be discussed on its own merits and to advance, and for us, it is not a conversation about migration, it is a conversation about climate change ”, concluded the official.

The position of the Biden government on the proposal that López Obrador intends to propose does not imply that a theme will be imposed on the Mexican president or that he will restrict his arguments on what he decides to establish during his participation in the Summit.


Mexico Daily Post