UBER ‘opens’ its system for 911 operators to access travel information in Sinaloa and other states


The Command, Control, Communication and Computing Centers of Mexico City, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Jalisco, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur, Aguascalientes, and Zacatecas can now automatically receive, in case of emergency, information on the location of users and real-time driving partners.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The technology company Uber announced its connection with emergency services to facilitate the response to 911 calls during trips with the app in eight states: Mexico, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Jalisco, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur, Aguascalientes, and Zacatecas.

This integration enables the Command, Control, Communication and Computing Centers corresponding to each demarcation so that, every time a user or driver partner makes use of the button in the Uber app to call 911, the state emergency services receive automatically the location in real-time and the information of the trip that is being made.

The objective is to facilitate the agile response with timely and valuable information for the specialized authorities.

Once a user or driver partner uses the button to call 911 available in the Uber app on all trips, the offices can have access to the details of the trip: plates and vehicle characteristics, name of the user and the driver-partner and telephone number, as well as the location in real-time, updated every four seconds.

The technology that enables the delivery of information to the city’s emergency services is provided by RapidSOS, a company that specializes in linking rich data to help improve emergency response. This development takes advantage of location signals available in mobile phones, including GPS, satellite, and Wi-Fi points, to determine a more precise location of the devices of a trip. Thus, an intelligent solution is offered to the authorities in the cities mentioned, with crucial information that can have immediate effects, always in response to the decision of a user or driving partner to ask for help in an emergency situation.

“Although the 911 button in our app is used in few exceptions when support is required from the emergency services or police every second count. We appreciate the willingness of the authorities to use this information, it is undoubtedly a sign of their commitment to providing better support for all its inhabitants, regardless of how they move, ”said Gretta González, General Director of shared rides in Mexico for Uber.

With this announcement, Uber expands the functionality of the 911 button, launched in Mexico in 2018

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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