Alonso Ancira makes a pact with PEMEX and walks out of jail a free man

Alonso Ancira Elizondo

Alonso Ancira Elizondo, the former controlling shareholder, and chairman of Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA), was released on Monday, April 19th, after signing with representatives of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), a reparatory agreement of 216,664,000 US dollars caused by the purchase sale from the AgroNitrogenados plant.

Ancira had been charged with corruption, money laundering, fraud and other crimes, but after a judge posted bail, he walked out of jail a free man.

José Artemio Zúñiga Mendoza, control judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center of the North Prison, suspended the criminal proceeding against Ancira Elizondo, until the total amount of 216,664,000 US dollars is covered, in a period of 2 years and seven months.

Alonso Ancira Elizondo

“He has already been released. He is free now, the criminal action has been suspended and he walked out of the Reclusorio Norte a free man. Everything went very well, the reparation agreement was signed. The agreement is to release him and pay Pemex 216 million dollars, within a period of 2 years, seven months. The criminal action was suspended now that the bail has been posted,” stated Antonio Frank, a lawyer for the Mexican businessman.

Separately, Mauricio Flores, another of his lawyers, indicated that the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) opposed the reparation agreement, stating that the amount could be higher, but the control judge rejected the proposal.

Flores added that when Ancira pays the sum of money in full, the termination of the criminal action against his defendant will go into effect.

Alonso Ancira Elizondo

“The 216 million dollars will be paid in three annual payments of just over 70 million dollars each. The first payment will be made in November. The man offered various guarantees including more than real estate 50 properties, assets, and land”, the lawyer said.

“Mr. Ancira’s bank accounts will be unlocked by the government of Mexico as soon as possible”, he concluded.

Source: La Jornada

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