A crime? Grupo Firme flies the Mexican flag with LGBT colors; homophobes explode


Grupo Firme, a regional Mexican music band, caused controversy by Mexico waving a flag with the colors of the LGBT community in the concert; after homophobic comments, they respond like this. (VIDEO)

Grupo Firme, a regional Mexican music band, was involved in controversy by people who are against the rights of the  LGBT community. And it is that during one of the concerts that they offered in the United States, the group waved the flag of Mexico with the LGBT colors, something that for many was very scandalous and raised homophobic reactions in the bulk. Did Grupo Firme position itself? The musicians did not remain silent and put an end to the attacks. We tell you what happened.

Through YouTube, Grupo Firme shared a video of the exact moment in which Eduin Caz, vocalist, and founder of the band, waves the LGBT flag at the same time as the song “I’m having a bad time” sounds. This act that would seem liberating and shows support for people who leave what is established as correct, unleashed the hatred of several Internet users.

The object that Grupo Firme moved was a Mexican flag modified with the colors of the LGBT community. In the midst of the exciting moment, Eduin Caz hugged the flag and life continued. However, the publication of the video collected negative comments with hateful expressions.

The homophobic hate was also accompanied by the latent threat that he could be sued for modifying the Mexican flag. This despite the fact that the events occurred in the United States.

Grupo Firme is a musical group that has positioned itself in favor of the LGBT community. It was even in a transmission on Facebook, where Eduin Caz’s brother, Jhonny Caz, announced that he was gay and that his family supported him.

Finally, amid the uproar, Eduin Caz broke the silence and put a stop to the attacks, reaffirming his support for the LGBT community.

“Regarding the mitote they have of the flag, to begin with, I did not have it made. And to finish soon, if a fan supports my brother and feels identified and likes our music, he has my respect and admiration,” Eduin published on their Instagram stories.

Source: milenio.com

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