Batopilas, Chihuahua, a Magic Town in the bowels of the Sierra Madre Occidental


Batopilas means “Enclosed River” in the Tarahumara language

Right in the bowels of the Sierra Madre Occidental , also known as the Sierra Taraumara is Betopilas , a Magic Town that you must visit in the state of Chihuahua .

This place is specifically located at 501 meters above sea level, from Chihuahua City one must travel 398 kilometers covered in 6 half hours and two routes, via Creel or via Nonoava and Norogachi, it is advisable to check the status of time and the routes prior to the trip since it is an area of spectacular views.

You can also take the Chepe railway in Chihuahua and stop at Creel , from there, you travel for 3 hours, a special and unforgettable experience because you can enjoy wonderful landscapes.

Batopilas means “Enclosed River” in the Tarahumara language, it was the second town to have electricity after Mexico City.

In its heyday, Batopilas gave the mark in the world thanks to the wealth that poured out abundantly from its mines, it had up to 10,000 inhabitants. It currently has just over a thousand inhabitants and the reminiscences of its lavish past are admired in the architecture of houses and haciendas of exquisite taste, today converted into Boutique hotels , since 2012 it is considered within the Magic Towns program .

One of the moments that you must live when visiting this place is the ” Rrámuri Experience “, accompanied by a member of the community, you will delve into their lifestyle, their culture, their traditions and even the way to prepare their food and with luckily you’ll try pinole , famous for giving energy to marathoners.

It was a mining town, today little more than a thousand people live. Photo: special.

What to visit?

  1. Copper Canyon
  2. Barffuson House
  3. Chepe to Creel, from there, a scenic road with spectacular viewpoints
  4. Hacienda San Miguel
  5. Church of the Virgen del Carmen
  6. Mission of Santo Ángel Custodio de Satevó
  7. Entrañas de Plata community museum
  8. city ​​Hall
  9. Residence of the Marqués Bustamante

Source: El Heraldo de México

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