Mazatlan fishermen prevented from capturing birdfish


When they are prevented from working, they warn that this Friday they will block the Conapesca offices or the navigation channel

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Around 200 pangas that worked in the bay of Mazatlán in the traditional capture of the birdfish were literally driven off by elements of the Secretary of the Navy that prevented them from carrying out their work.

After returning to shore, on the north beach, the fishing leader David Ramírez pointed out to Captain Gerardo Almonacid of abusing his authority and usurping functions that correspond to Conapesca officials.

“It is a social conflict that Captain Gerardo Almonacid of the Mexican Navy Secretariat is generating, he is intimidating us, he is saying ‘retire because you should not be here’, I accept that I am wrong because I forgot my permission, but I have ”, he expressed.

David Ramírez pointed out that Conapesca’s fishing ordinance presumes that it has a page through which you can digitally review the fishing permits with the data with which each vessel is marked and the name of the fishermen, but this time they refuse to do so and they asked for their physical permission.

“We are working, we are not criminals, he is treating us as criminals, but we are not. There are going to be problems, they are creating a social conflict, bird fishing is traditional, it is a month at most a year, people go crazy for buying a bird, this friend cannot come to break this tradition ”, he explained.

The fishing leader explained that there were around 200 pangas from the south beach, Isla de la Piedra, the jetty, the Juarez bridge, Quinta Chapalita, and the north beach that Captain Almonacid ran.

“He is abusing the power they gave him and it is not worth it. What is this going to have consequences? It is going to have them, because right now we are going to organize ourselves, we are going to make a blockade, we do not know if in Conapesca or the navigation channel, wherever we are going to go, “he warned.

In the interview he gave to Línea Directa, the fisherman pointed out to the Captain of the Navy himself that he had stolen their fishing equipment, since he has been carrying hammocks and falsework that they are authorized to use. (With information from Juan Luis Vargas)


The Mazatlan Post