Baja California Sur receives more than 100,000 tourists during Easter (Semana Santa) holidays


During the Easter 2021 period, Baja California Sur received more than 100,000 tourists, which translated into an average hotel occupancy of 49 percent in the three main destinations of the entity, informed Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis.

In a meeting held with the head of the Ministry of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (Setues), Fernando Ojeda, it was detailed that according to estimates of the associations of hotels and tourism service providers of the main destinations of the entity, about 90 thousand visitors They arrived in Los Cabos, in La Paz it is estimated the presence of 25 thousand tourists and just over six thousand in Loreto, in the two weeks of vacation referred to. 

It was highlighted that in the municipalities the biosecurity measures required in the places of lodging, food, and other tourist services were respected in accordance with the bio sanitary protocols, the capacity, and the measures that have been implemented to offer better biosecurity conditions by the tourism companies.

In this sense, Mendoza Davis described these results as a great advance in the economic and tourist recovery of the middle peninsula, since BCS kept hotel occupancy at the limit of the allowed capacity at the epidemiological traffic light, which in that season corresponded to 50 percent. hundred. Likewise, he added that the load factors and passenger arrivals in the three main airports of the state also show positive signs of recovery, registering a growth of 7.2, 8, and 16.1 percent in the month of March 2021 for Los Cabos, La Paz, and Loreto, respectively, in relation to the same month of the previous year, when the pandemic intensified the collapse of world tourism activity. 

The South Californian president recognized businessmen and service providers in the sector for their commitment and work in implementing health mechanisms and protocols in accordance with international standards, which substantially contributes to recovering the economy of the tourism industry and all commercial activities. “Faced with the pandemic, the tourism industry of Baja California Sur has stood out both nationally and internationally, through certificates and quality seals such as Punto Limpio, Safe Travels, and Verified TM, giving certainty and health security, both to travelers as well as the inhabitants themselves ”, concluded the Chief of the State Executive.


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